Monday, March 28, 2011

Where in the World is ANIMAIA?

Animaia is a fictional country on this planet. But wait, in the tradition of science fiction and fantasy writing, Animaia is also a product of alternate history (which should be 'alternative history' in my view), a fiction construct in which the logical flow of historical events is different from what we know of the world right now.

Animaia represents a different world view, conceivably derived from a divergent history from the time of the separation of the great supercontinents like Gondwana millions of years ago.

In this world of Animaia, which is a technologically modern country, the environmental, ecological and animal compassionate ethic evolved somewhat differently to that which we experience today in the real world -- and mostly because of a superior animal communication ability that evolved in a small percentage of the population. Yes, in Animaia some people can talk to animals, and they are called the 'Anima.'

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