Friday, September 2, 2022

 Animaia the book(s) is a unique fusion of magical realism, fantasy, and science with a hint of the paranormal.

In the unique world of Animaia, a unique few of the population can talk to animals in a way called "syncing". Further, in Animaia, animal rights is embedded in the society after a legendary battle 100 years ago called The Great Animal War of Liberation, was fought against the 'fleshers'. The Animaian population are essentially vegan.

Action  centres around the famous school, The Dolotty Institute of Primary Intelligence, attended by the four main characters - Arno, Ashley, Leroy, and Charlotte -- all animal talkers called 'Anima'.

When the fleshers from the northern continents try to invade Animaia with the help of a few clandestine local fleshers, the battle for the soul of Animaia begins.

The book has many references to current environmental, animal rights and even climate change themes, but ultimately it is a rollicking adventure story with plenty of action. And a tribute to famous scientist James Lovelock.

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